An attempt to Make-a-Difference, one child at a time

I wanted to make an impact – on something more than myself, towards the future.

I wanted to make an impact, and I did when 5 years ago I stumbled upon Make A Difference (MAD), and one was made in my life.

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Published by Sohil Hemnani

Coach, HR professional, engineer, writer, volunteer, entrepreneur - I like to don many hats. ​ After 6.5 years in corporate, I am currently charting a new career path exploring multiple interests in consulting, sports, food, education, and life coaching. ​ I am a compulsive reader and I sometimes compose a few lines of prose. I also like to watch movies, sitcoms, and general videos or catch live sports (football, cricket, F1 et al). I have also tried my hand at many sports and am more than capable with a cricket bat, a basketball and with a badminton racquet. And I love to travel.

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